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Founded in 1984 by Kent & Kathy Trione , the little part time job for Kent to teach scuba and sell a little dive equipment has come a long way.
Arlene Jones was hired as the first Manager/Instructor to run things
while Kent was at his real job with the phone company. This worked for about two years until Kent and Arlene didn't see eye to eye over a watch Arlene had ordered, so he decide it was time to leave.
Cindy Gibson was the only staff member left to run the place until Karen Garrett took over the manager duties . Well, with AL Trione maintaining the compressor , Karen the manger, Cindy handling the staff duties, they needed a yard boy. Chas Broughton was hired in late 1986 to help out one or two days a week. Help out was to say it nicely, the job title should have been any and all grunt work no one else wanted to do!!
This is the way it was until 1987 when Cindy left for college. Chas moved up to staff and then by 1989 was promoted to manager (only because Karen quit to become the city of Daphne dog catcher).
Chas started teaching in 1990 and by 1992 he had bought the store from the Triones. The building that you see now was built in 2001 (he was in race with his first daughter to get it built before she was born, He won but just by one week). The old dive shop is in the back parking lot and mostly used for storage nowadays. Chas says it's there so he doesn't forget where he came from. 
The pool and its building is a whole 'nother story and its gettin' late .... Come by and see us,.


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