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Considering learning to scuba dive?


Underwater Work's highly trained and professional instruction staff with over 40 years of combined teaching experience are ready to get you diving.   


  • Small classes (1 to 6 people max)

  • Heated pool on site

  • 3 weeks Tue\Thur or Mon\Wed

  • 6 Pool dives

  • 6 Class sessions

  • 2 weekends of open water diving (4 dives total). 

  • Custom Schedules Available 


We supply Bc, Regulators, & Tanks for all water work (pool and openwater dives).  The student will need their own Snorkeling Equipment. All Equipment can be tested in our pool before purchase. 


We internet price match on all of the equipment lines we carry.   


Minimum age: 10  


We only offer a complete and thorough Scuba Class. Your well being is worth the extra time to do it right. We create divers not just people with a certification card. You will Learn, you will practice, and we will make you the best Diver You Can Be !    


Once you have completed your training you will be a certified SSI Diver with a max depth rating of 60 feet. SSI certification is recognized world wide so your diving experiences will be limitless.

What Every Diver Should Know...


Decades of experience have taught us that there are four requirements to serious diving and serious fun. There is a strong correlation between the quality of your training and the amount of fun you will have.


Proper Knowledge

There are certain diving skills that must be learned. With a professional teaching system, you can study the information at your own pace. An instructor is always available for assistance.


Proper Skills

You must develop ability with basic scuba skills, such as moving in the water and equipment handling. The best way to learn is from a qualified instructor at a professional scuba school. Review and practice time reinforces the skills.


Proper Equipment

The most comfortable, convenient and enjoyable way to dive is with your own set of properly-fitted equipment. As you become familiar with your equipment, your ability level increases. Annual servicing assures your equipment’s performance and minimizes malfunctions.


Proper Experience

While education helps develop knowledge and skills, the key to becoming a comfortable and confident diver is simply to dive as much as possible. Your experience and ability increase as you seek out different diving locations, meet new friends, have new adventures and explore new worlds. That is why SSI’s motto is “Serious Diving, Serious Fun!”


With your training at UnderWater Works you will be certified to dive exotic reefs and walls, explore shipwrecks, and experience the weightlessness of the extraordinary underwater world.


Serious Diving

After you are certified, you are ready to pursue a lifetime of adventure. Diving offers endless opportunities for exploration, discovery, education and new experiences. You can go as far as your passion and enthusiasm take you.

Explore the Waters in Your Back Yard. In coastal Alabama there are 20 thousand dive sites. These dive sites are accessible, inexpensive, and allow you to use your knowledge, skills and equipment, and gain experience.


Explore the Waters of the World. Travel to exotic lands and experience fascinating cultures. Seventy-two percent of the world is under water, and you have a license to explore it.


Continue Your Education. Your Open Water Diver certification is only the beginning of the SSI Education System. SSI's ConEd Ratings have the highest requirements in the industry. They are not courses perse; rather, they are flexible requirements, that can be met in a variety of ways, allowing you to personalize your continuing education path.


SSI Specialty Diver - SSI's intermediate diver rating. Higher than any other agency's advanced courses.


SSI Advanced Open Water Diver- SSI's Advanced Diver rating stands alone in the industry with the highest combination of diving knowledge and experience. No other agency's advanced diver level compares.


SSI Master Diver- SSI's Master Diver rating is one of the most elite ratings in diving today. Divers that have completed this level have combined the knowledge, skills and experience to truly call themselves Master Divers.SSI Specialty courses teach you specialized diving activities, and there are many to choose from. By combining specialties and experience you can earn SSI continuing education ratings of Specialty, Advanced Open Water and Master Diver.


Specialty Diver

2 Courses + 12 Dives     

Adv. Open Water Diver

4 Courses + 24 Dives  


Master Diver

4 Courses + 50 Dives  


SSI Specialty Courses:

Boat Diving, Computer Diving, Deep Diving, Diver Stress & Rescue, Dry Suit Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, Equipment Techniques, Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility Diving, Search & Recovery, Underwater Photography, Wreck Diving, Spearfishing, and Cavern.


Become a SSI Dive Leader.

The Scuba Schools International worldwide network is constantly growing. To keep the SSI family strong, we always need new Dive Leaders. If you are interested in sharing the adventure of diving, please talk to your SSI Instructor about becoming an SSI Dive Leader.

However you choose to enjoy diving, Underwater Works Inc. training facility will be there to guide and assist you. By supporting us with your patronage, we are your local link with the amazing underwater world. 



UnderWater Works is you pathway to aquatic adventure!

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